Judith Castrogiovanni

Mrs. Judith Castrogiovanni
Jefferson Elementary Principal


Dear Jefferson Families,

The month ahead may be a frigid one, but the focus will be on love and on looking ahead to brighter days.  

Every February, we encourage our Jefferson family to think of ways that each of us can brighten the lives of those in our family and community.  We will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week February 12-16th.  Watch for daily kindness challenges from Mrs. DiPietro.

The guidelines for school valentines are the same as in past years:

  • No food or drink giveaways 

  • Valentine cards with small tokens such as stickers, pencils, puzzles etc are fine

  • Valentine cards should have your child’s name in the “from” area, and if your teacher provides a list of classmates, those names in the “to” area.  This is a fantastic opportunity for practicing careful printing or cursive handwriting skills!

If for any reason your family needs assistance in providing valentine cards for your child to share, please reach out to me.  I will see that they have what they need sent home so you can help them fill out their cards.

Your partner in education,

Judy Castrogiovanni

Jefferson Elementary Office Staff